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I am constantly asked by friends and family a common question, “what makes me so successful, especially in Real Estate?”  Initially, I had a hard time answering since I never look at myself in this way. This question forced me to look into the mirror and try to see what other people are seeing. It was from this that I came to realize that my success was coming from a sincere happiness with life and that joy was coming from helping others; which has become a primary mission and obsession of mine.

Furthermore, over the last 10 years that I have been working in Real Estate I have accumulated in my portfolio hundreds of real estate success stories which I would like to, at some point, begin to share with you. I will begin to do this in my next posts.

To continue, last year my ten years of solid effort within the Real Estate industry began to payoff. My dreams, hopes, aspirations and goals began to come into fruition.  It began with the formation of Team Gribanova coinciding with my retirement from PFCU. These two events allowed me to perform Real Estate full time which is setting a course towards the doubling of the number of closings I was able to accomplish last year.

My wonderful team is currently made up of Lee and Mariko Price (husband and wife team) and Elena Matysyna. But very soon we will be adding additional members. This team is very compatible, cohesive, talented, hardworking and is constantly helping each other in one way or another daily.

Recently, BHHS PenFed Realty recognized our team’s hard work by presenting me with the Leading Edge Society Award. I consider myself to be very blessed at this point in my life and look forward to discussing our successes more fully with you in the coming days.

Victoria Gabrielyan,  writer, author of “Thirty Three Happy Dresses” and “American Talk” (in Russian)
(coming soon)

Blog of Vadim Massalskyi, reporter, Voice of America, “What Does It Take to Buy a House..” (in Russian)
(coming soon)

To be continued …

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